Doctors Protest the McDonald’s Restaurant That’s Opened in Their Hospital

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Getty)

“Okay, kids, here’s the plan. First, visit Grandma to see how she’s doing after her heart bypass, then, we go get Happy Meals!”

There’s something dangerously incongruent about opening a McDonald’s within a hospital. Sure, we all get that, like the little gift shop (packed with flowers, rather than souvenirs), a restaurant within a hospital is an important part of making both patients and visitors feel comfortable.

There’s feeding people, though, and then there’s trying to poison them. Some doctors are now accusing their hospital of actively harming the health of the people who come in through the doors by trying to feed them Big Macs.

Nacivent Health Center, located in Macon, Georgia, has teamed up with McDonald’s to open a greasy burger restaurant within the building, making unhealthy food all the more accessible for anyone who wants some.

This, apparently, is a good way of increasing the hospital’s profits – even if it does pose a significant health risk to customers, that many of the hospital’s staff are simply not willing to tolerate.

The Make Hospitals Healthy movement aims to fight back against the rising threat of fast food within medical centers, and even has a map on its website that points to every offending location that they’re working to oppose.

As part of this, the organization has taken out a series of large ads around Nacivent, aimed at warning people that their visit to the hospital will be one of many if they don’t avoid the cheeseburgers while they’re on site.

One particular concern to the doctors that are spearheading this movement is that fried food will not only negatively affect patients and visitors, but also the many employees of the hospital, on all levels, who may find the convenience of McDonald’s to be a helpful way of eating during their breaks.

It would definitely suck if, having faced off all the dangers that working in a hospital brings, these employees would suffer deteriorating health from the local fast food of all things.

It’s hard to argue with the doctors on this point. Maybe the next time you’re thinking about eating a Big Mac and fries while you’re in a hospital, do everyone a favor, and spend your money elsewhere.

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