Pizza Hut Will Punish Employees Who Fail To Show Up For Work During Hurricane Irma

Matthew Loffhagen
Pizza Hut
(Photo: Pizza Hut)

Sometimes a news story comes along that just makes you sick to your stomach – any not because you’ve been eating raw chicken sashimi.

According to a noticeboard letter, purportedly from a Pizza Hut in Jacksonville, Florida, employees are facing disciplinary action if they don’t turn up for work shifts during Hurricane Irma.

Yeah, good job, local Pizza Hut manager. You just heaped a ridiculous amount of bad press down on your restaurant.

The letter states that stores will only close “6-12 hours before storms hit”, and employees will have a 24 hour “grace period” during which they can be excused from shifts while Hurricane Irma is whaling down on the restaurant they’re supposed to be working in.

Outside of this window, anyone who fails to show up for work will be subjected to disciplinary action – absences will be treated as “no call/no show” regardless of the circumstances.

“Hey, I can’t come in to work today because there’s a hurricane going on and I’ve fled to safe ground with my children”? Tough luck, you’re getting reprimanded.

“Might be a bit late into the store today, as I’m trapped under the rubble that was once by family home”? Too bad, you’re probably going to be fired.

Perhaps the best bit about all of this is the logic given for this strict policy:

“Our #1 priority is the safety and security of our team. But, we also have a responsibility and commitment to our community to be there when they need us.”

A responsibility and commitment to the community? You guys sell pizzas, you’re not a fire service! There is no inherent “responsibility” to take people’s money and in return give them overpriced pepperoni!

Also, it’s pretty clear from the entire text in this letter that Pizza Hut couldn’t give less of a crap about their employees’ “safety and security”! It’s pretty clear that their “#1 priority” is making money, especially off of hurricane victims in need of genuine help!

This is some pretty scummy corporate policy in action. Is it as bad as Joel Osteen not opening his megachurch as shelter to flood victims? That’s debatable, but these two decisions in the face of human tragedy both clearly come from the same greedy mindset.

This is disgusting. No amount of dominos are going to make up for Pizza Hut’s abysmal attitudes towards employee safety.