For One Day Only, Arby’s is Adding a Brand New Meat to Every Restaurant Nationwide

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Arby's)

Arby’s really wants you to try a new meaty experience.

While venison has been a relatively common staple of Arby’s in some areas of the country (most notably, anywhere that’s near to a popular game hunting park), deer meat has remained a treat that’s been off-limits to the majority of customers in warmer or less game-obsessed parts of the country.

Now, everyone gets a chance to try a tasty thick-cut venison sandwich, as Arby’s provides chunky deer steak and juniper berry sauce in every restaurant across America on October 21.

This will be the only day that customers in areas that don’t traditionally get this sandwich will have the chance to try it – presumably, Arby’s is testing the water, seeing whether the rich, tangy taste of venison will prove popular across the board, and potentially aiming to spot where outside of their typical locations might benefit from a more extended trial in future.

Venison and Arbys
Source: Arby’s

If you’re a venison fan and you don’t live somewhere that normally gets Arby’s venison shipments, it might be worth making a note of October 21 on the calendar, and ensuring that you vote with your wallet by buying a deer steak sandwich or two.

What’s more, for anyone who lives in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, who are pretty used to Arby’s venison steak sandwiches, there’s a special new offering just for you. On October 21, selected restaurants in these states will be getting limited-edition elk sandwiches instead, which should be a fun new experience for those who are bored of venison.

There’s something on Arby’s October menu for everyone! Except for vegetarians.

Sorry about that.