Bar in Thailand Offers Incredibly Dangerous Way to Win a Free Shot

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: YouTube)

Like drinking games? If so, you’re probably not a regular at Mong Bar in Thailand.

The Ko Lanta bar, which features a duck and a dog who are best friends as mascots, has a longstanding offer that could land you a free shot—so long as you’re brave enough, or not particularly partial to all 10 of your fingers.

To earn a shot, you have to subject your hand to the bartender’s attempt at the old knife game, except he doesn’t use a knife. He uses a rock hammer, a cleaver, an axe, and, for the big, menacing finale, a power drill.

The special has been on the menu for a while, as on the Mong Bar Facebook page people are quite literally trying their hand at it back in July …

… and May 2016.

Once you’ve finally gone through all that, you’re free to enjoy your free 1.5 ounces of Mekhong whiskey—though that could be a danger-defying feat in its own right, considering at least one of the bottles at Mong Bar has a snake in it.

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