Watch This Little Girl’s Ridiculous Reaction To Her First Sip Of Coca-Cola

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Coca-Cola has many uses beyond quenching one’s never-ending thirst for poo-colored liquid sugar.

We’ve seen people use Coca-Cola to smuggle cocaine, snap selfies, and (unwisely) rub it all over their bodies as a self-tanner that doesn’t work.

But Reddit user Earthos83 used the sweet brown stuff for another purpose—absolutely blowing the mind of their daughter Evie.

“My daughter tried Coke for the first time today… Her reaction sums it up,” Earthos83 wrote on Reddit with the accompanying video.

Ahhh that’s the good stuff. The best part is that after wrestling out of the existential vortex the beverage knocked her into, Evie dives right back in for another sip.

Imgur picked the hilarious clip up and shared it on Twitter, where people obviously had jokes.

The Redditor assured those entertained by Evie’s hijinks that the little girl is in good hands, diet-wise.

“If it’s any consolation to others, we rarely go to [McDonald’s]. It was a treat, and our children hardly ever drink soda, our oldest being 6 and she’s had maybe enough soda’s to count on 1 hand,” Earthos83 wrote. “This vid was just pure comedy gold, and Reddit gives me a lot of laughs so I thought I would share. :)”