Girl Wants Tacos, Turns to Crowd-Funding, Deserves Mad Respect

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV/YouTube)

Because Mexican food is a lifestyle and no person should ever be depraved of a taco, a young woman from North Carolina has created a crowd-funding campaign in hopes of raising enough cheddar by Friday. You know, because she doesn’t have any money, and that’s when she wants her tacos.

As reported by Eater, Rachel Hirsch of Raleigh set up an account on GoFundMe yesterday with the sole purpose of supporting her taco habit. A cause we can totally get behind, Hirsch has already received $420 worth of donations from friends and anonymous users.


“I really want to get tacos on Friday. But like, really good ones, and a lot of them. Maybe from Fiction Kitchen or Chubby’s,” Hirsch stated on her GoFundMe account page. “I am a musician and sometimes put effort into promoting myself. I hustle here and there. These two statements are not necessarily correlated, but you know, support the arts.”

Hirsch has received donations from anonymous users in the amounts of $68, $69, and $73 dollars at a time, with one person, who we can only assume to be a fellow taco enthusiast, donating $100. An additional supporter who contributed $24 commented, “I can’t believe I’m doing this…” 

Overwhelmed with the response of her campaign, Hirsch posted an update on her page today saying that while grateful, she won’t be using all of the money for tacos on April 22nd. Instead, 100 percent of proceeds will be going to an actual cause for empowering women. Eh, we're sure she'll squeeze in a dollar taco somewhere. 


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