A Great Pinot Noir for Under $20 (Gasp!)

Brooke Newberry
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We all know how hard it can be to find both affordable and pleasant-tasting pinot noirs (thanks, Sideways). However, a decade after the film, winemakers are finally surrendering to the fickleness of the grape and are making juice at lower costs without sacrificing quality.  One delicious deal comes from Edna Valley of the Californian central coast.  At first we were struck by the handsome, minimal label of the 2012 Porter and Plot Pinot Noir. Anyone would feel comfortable serving or gifting such a smart-looking bottle. Alas, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. 

Well-balanced with a finish as smooth as a baby’s bottom, this pinot noir is fruit forward but not red-fruit-obnoxious. The wine drives in sunbaked fruits first, and is followed by a blast of raspberry and a quick kick of spice. Dark dried fruits then take you for the long, smooth ride home. Overall this is a fun, respectable, and easily paired wine, and you kinda can’t get enough.   

Launched on February 26th of this year, Porter and Plot is a company that sources limited production wines from unique appellations, bringing them straight to eager drinkers.  A purveyor of *small lot wines, Porter and Plot’s diverse collection delivers to those looking for adventure, deals, and most of all – a tasty wine.  Their mission is to aid consumers in an affordable discovery of smaller wine regions that showcase the distinct land on which they originate.

*a small-lot vineyard refers to wine produced in limited quantities and can be produced at a very large winery or a very small winery.

The 2012 Porter and Plot Pinot Noir can be found on Amazon.com, Club W (www.clubw.com), in addition to select restaurants.