This Guy Has A Delivery Pizza Stalker And Is Pissed About It



Being stalked sounds absolutely terrifying. I’ve personally never been stalked, but as a woman in her 20s, living alone in LA, it is something I worry about. Nothing about being stalked sounds fun…until I learned about the delivery pizza stalker. *SWOON*

Don’t get me wrong, stalking is a REAL issue, but this lawyer in Germany is currently being stalked by a foodie. As in, his stalker is having bomb ass food delivered to his door almost every day. We don’t know exactly when the deliveries began, but Guido Grolle has already received more than 100 pizzas from his stalker! I’ve only had a few exes (severe late bloomer over here), but NONE of them have ever surprised me with a pizza delivery. I would have LOVED for my last ex to stalk me through large pepperoni pizzas. It would have saved me a lot of tears, because it’s hard to eat while ugly crying. 

Grolle is pretty pissed about his stalker though. He said, “It’s so irritating, I don’t even get my work done anymore.” I totally get that issue. How can he  type with his well-educated lawyer fingers if he’s busy double fisting Hawaiian pizza slices? Grolle even claims that sometimes his first delivery of the day arrives while he is still taking his morning shower! I mean, pizza for breakfast is a great way to start the day, so I get where the stalker is coming from.

Apparently his delivery pizza stalker has been trying to change things up a bit, and make his deliveries a bit more exciting. Grolle reported that he has recently received deliveries of sausage, sushi, and Greek food! This stalker is really trying to expand Grolle’s taste pallet, and to be honest, it sounds like he has pretty good taste himself.

I’m sure it is creepy and somewhat annoying getting FREE food ALL DAY LONG, but is there such a thing as a friendly, foodie, delivery pizza stalker? German police are now involved, but so far there are no leads on who could be behind this. I will say this, if the foodie stalker ever gets sick of sending Grolle food, please hit me up cause I’m available to receive free pizzas all day every day.