Guy Makes Disgusting Halloween Pizza, Gets in an Argument with DiGiorno Online

Matthew Loffhagen
DiGiorno Pizza
(Photo: DiGiorno Pizza)

In the world of social media, it’s normally considered bad form for a company’s official Twitter account to publicly badmouth a potential customer for their own attempt at making a product similar to the thing your company sells.

That said, in the case of candy corn pizza, it’s kind of understandable.

DiGiorno’s official Twitter account caught followers off-guard this week when it drew attention to one budding pizza chef’s attempt to make a Halloween-themed cheesy treat.

Asswolf (classy name, dude!) posted his candy corn pizza abomination with a relatively simple Tweet – his text didn’t deliberately reference pizza or DiGiorno, so this would have passed without incident, had the picture not gone viral.

Presumably, someone at DiGiorno must have seen the tweet, horribly disliked it, and decided to publicly decry the creation in front of their followers.

Asswolf, not deterred by DiGiorno’s instant dismissal of his idea, attempted to use the scenario to his advantage, by offering to sell the company his genius new recipe.

DiGiorno did not take kindly to this suggestion.

Someone named Sugar Free Red Bull (clearly this pizza attracts a lot of weird Twitter users) cautioned DiGiorno not to be too rash – there was a lot of money to be made here.

It’s worth noting that, for some bizarre reason, DiGiorno is not alone in hating the idea of a candy corn pizza. Plenty of tweets have wished for the abomination to be ended, violently if possible, rather than sully the joys of both pizza and candy corn when enjoyed separately.

Some thing, apparently, are not meant to go together.

This idea of using candy as a pizza topping seems to be growing in popularity. Earlier this year, the Peep pizza earned similar popularity for combining two delicious things into one unearthly nightmare.

Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before we all embrace the sweet delight of candy-topped cheese and tomato pie.

Maybe, one day soon, DiGiorno really will see the error of their ways, and begin desperately trying to make up for lost time with a range of candy-themed pizzas.

We can only hope that when that time does eventually come, the pizza company won’t be too late to capitalize on our collective unspoken desire for pizza that’s covered in sticky melted sugar.