What Happened When America’s Greatest Chefs Tried to Make the World’s Longest Pizza

Matthew Loffhagen
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Beating a Guinness World Record isn’t easy. As The Simpsons points out, by this point, the only way to actually get into the record book is to either almost kill yourself, or get a crack team together to go for a group record.

Such a record was attempted when top pizza chefs from across the country came together earlier this month in an attempt to cook the world’s longest pizza.

The previous record had been set by a team in Italy last year, who made a pizza that was just over 6,000 feet long – that’s over a mile of pizza! Eager to claim the crown for the US, though, pizza enthusiasts flew in from all over the country to assemble at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.

Alongside professional pizza experts, a team of volunteers spent the better part of a day laying out an enormous stretch of pizza dough, before covering it in tomato sauce and cheese. This was then fed into an industrial pizza oven, that churned out a constant stream of delicious Italian pie.

To get feeling for the full scope of the project, have a watch of this video that shows the pizza being fed into the oven, and coming out the other side:

After a lot of work, 8,000lb of dough, 5,600lb of sauce, and 3,600lb of cheese, the team were able to break the world record, with a finished pizza that was an impressive 6,333 feet long (that’s almost 1.2 miles in length).


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It just goes to show what a dedicated team of pizza lovers can do when they all pull together – at least, until their Italian counterparts no doubt attempt to snatch the title back!