This Harambe-Shaped Cheeto Just Sold for $99,900

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: EBAY)

We all love a good bit of food that’s shaped like famous people.

From corn chips shaped like Elvis to Jesus appearing in a piece of toast, these stories captivate us as we see two of our favorite things combined: food, and celebrities.

Now, one of 2016’s saddest celebrity deaths has been immortalized in Cheeto form, as an inventive chip fan has sold a hot and spicy snack which looks vaguely like Harambe the gorilla on eBay.

Looking at the photo, it’s obvious that this likeness is sketchy at best – sure, the Cheeto looks a lot like a gorilla, but there’s nothing about it that specifically looked like Harambe. Most people probably wouldn’t spot the resemblance at all until they’d been told about it.

Source: eBay

That hasn’t stopped people from buying into this, though, as the online auction attracted a hundred and thirty two bids, before ending at an incredible $99,900.00!

With such a ridiculous amount of money, it’s easy to suspect foul play. This could be an attempt to launder money, or could be orchestrated for some other nefarious purpose.

Or, maybe, someone out there really wants to own a facsimile of Harambe that will turn to dusty and mush after a few weeks.

Whatever the reason behind this enormous bid, it’s certainly set a precedent. Expect plenty of other Harambe-themed snacks heading to eBay in the near future.

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