Hello Kitty Grocery Store Opens in Hong Kong

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Instagam)

Do you ever get the feeling that we in the West are missing out when it comes to cutesy adorable cartoon trends?

Sure, we get plenty of fun Hello Kitty stuff, but when it comes to the really awesome merchandize and special events, we’re severely lacking compared to what East Asian countries get to enjoy.

A new pop-up grocery store in Sai Wan in Hong Kong has a special theme. Customers have the opportunity to browse shelves stocked completely with all the coolest Hello Kitty food, snacks, and other merchandize.

The store sells plenty of standard grocery store items, such as fruit, vegetables, and convenience meals like sushi. It’s possible to do buy everything you might need for your daily life, but many of the items come specially marked with the Hello Kitty logo.



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The entire store is decorated with Hello Kitty wallpaper, and features a life-sized Kitty statue. Even the shopping carts bear the image of an adorable little cat with a red bow.

If this grocery store sounds too tempting to miss out on, the good news is that you’ve got a while to get your plane ticket to Hong Kong booked – the pop-up store will remain in the Yata Supermarket in Sai Wan, Hong Kong until May 31, which is plenty of time.



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Just as a suggestion, though, you might want to go sooner, rather than later – by the time May rolls around, Hong Kong will be far too hot and humid for anyone unaccustomed to its weather to survive very long outside.


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