Here’s the Details on the Rumored New Starbucks ‘Unicorn’ Frappuccino

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Twitter)

Brace yourself – rumors claim that Starbucks is introducing a Frappuccino named The Unicorn. That’s probably all you need to know to decide that you absolutely, definitely need this thing in your life, but it gets better.

Photos have leaked online which show promotional artwork for the Unicorn in all its glittery pink glory. It’s not yet known what flavor this drink might be, although its coloring has led some to believe that it’ll be cotton candy or berry flavor. What we do know is that it comes coated in plenty of edible glitter and swirls of pink and blue flavoring.



That said, at this point, the Unicorn has yet to be confirmed by an official source. It’s fitting that the ad campaign for this drink states that it’s “only available if you believe”, as without any solid confirmation from Starbucks, coffee fans have been left divided as to whether this is a drink that they can have faith in.

From the sounds of it, the Unicorn will get an official announcement on April 19th – so long as it actually exists, that is. Until then, we’ll all need to clap our hands to show our belief and hope that, in doing so, we don’t accidentally squish any invisible faeries that are flying past.

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