Here’s How to Make Your Own Mermaid Ice Cream

Matthew Loffhagen
YouTube/Hellthy Kitchen
(Photo: YouTube/Hellthy Kitchen)

Contrary to the opinion of some food news outlets, the mythical creature food trend isn’t going away any time soon.

After all, why would it? People like eating tasty, sugary treats. We also all like unicorns and dragons and mermaids, so it’s natural that we want to enjoy a wondrous combination of the two.

Sadly, as popular as Starbucks’ unicorn Frappuccino might have been, it didn’t last long, as is often the case with mythical creatures once they grow in popularity. Thankfully, though, there’s an alternative that you can make at home: mermaid ice cream!

YouTubers HellthyJunkFood have created a video detailing the process of making absolutely gorgeous mermaid ice cream in a funky colored waffle cone, that comes topped with a hard coconut shell. The ice cream is vanilla with blueberry sauce, but the best part is the blue and green coloring that makes it look just like a mermaid – if a mermaid were made of ice cream.

The entire thing is just 750 calories, by the way, which is good news if you’re after ice cream but don’t want to go nuts.

As the mythical creature food trend continues, you could do a lot worse than making one of these delicious treats from scratch.

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