Hodor From ‘Game of Thrones’ Is Back in a New KFC Commercial

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: HBO)

Still not over the [spoiler alert!] death of Hodor during Season 6 of Game of Thrones?

Well if you’ve already exhausted every one of the lovable, possibly part-giant halfwit’s scenes while binge-watching the first six seasons in advance of the upcoming seventh and need yet more Hodor in your life, this new KFC commercial featuring a soft revival of the character from DJ and actor Kristian Nairn will have to do.

The spot, called “Lunchtime is coming…” is for KFC‘s U.K. and Ireland branch’s new KFC Ricebox.

Nairn re-creates the scene that sapped his character’s intelligence in the past and killed him in the show’s present.

In the iconic scene, Nairn’s character’s body was controlled by Bran Stark, who entered Hodor’s consciousness during a vision into the past to save himself and Meera Reed.

While hearing Meera yell “Hold the door!” in the future as the mountainous Hodor warded off a band of the undead, he in the past (then named Wylis) repeated the phrase over and over until it transformed from “Hold the door” to “Hodor,” the only word he’d ever speak again.

If that all sounds confusing, you should probably watch the show.