Hooray! Taco Bell Is Opening Its First Store in China

Tina Rivera
(Photo: rock coupons)

People in China have a lot of Quesalupas to look forward to this year. The bustling Asian country, which is already home to thousands of KFC and Pizza Hut locations, is set to get its FIRST taste of Taco Bell by the end of 2016!

While we’re not sure how smoothly menu items such as the Chalupa and Cheesy Gordita Crunch will translate to Mandarin, Greg Creed, CEO of Taco Bell’s parent company Yum! Brands made the joyous announcement at a consumer and retail conference in New York on Tuesday.


The Mexican fast food chain’s first restaurant will open in Shanghai, the country’s largest metropolitan city. And fingers are crossed that Taco Tuesday will catch on as the territory’s latest and greatest tradition—at least in the food world.

As reported by Reuters, Yum! Brands already operates over 7,000 stores in China, mostly comprised of Pizza Huts and KFCs. According to Creed, launching Taco Bell in China is part of a wider initiative to make all three chains “global iconic brands.”

The first Taco Bell location was opened in Downey, California by restaurateur Glen Bell in 1962. Now with more than 6,500 locations worldwide, Taco Bell also operates in other Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, and South Korea. Serving more than two billion customers annually, the Mexican chain will proudly add citizens of China to that list by the end of the year.