A Horrifying ‘Pimple Popping’ Cupcake Now Exists with Squeezable Yellow Pus

Tina Rivera
(Photo: Instagram @drpimplepopper)

While Google defines pus as “a thick yellowish or greenish opaque liquid produced in infected tissue, consisting of dead white blood cells and bacteria with tissue debris and serum,” a crazy bakery in Southern California has decided to create a pimple-popping cupcake, complete with a squeezable yellow “pus” that is SO gross, it will likely induce vomiting.  

Blessed by Baking conjured up the edible Pop-a-Zit cupcake that was inspired by Dr. Sandra Lee, a board certified dermatologist who has made a name for herself as Dr. Pimple Popper on YouTube. With over 1.5 million subscribers and nearing 700 million total video views, Dr. Lee’s channel boasts her petrifying (yet oddly intriguing) ability to pop and document the worst cases of pimples, blackhead extractions, and nasty cyst removals.   



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According to Daily Mail, the pimple cupcakes appear to have a light brown fondant draped over the top to look like skin and a small reddish-pink circle surrounding the infected protrusion. When squeezed, yellow puss made from custard or lemon curd comes out—exhibiting the same satisfaction one would get from popping a real life pimple. But why?!

“So gross. I would not buy that,” one user commented on Dr. Lee’s cringe-worthy Instagram post. “I can’t stop watching,” another person added. Clearly disturbed, an additional commenter said this: “What's funny to me is that I love eating frosting off cupcakes!! Yummy cyst cakes! Lick-lick.” 

While Pop-a-Zit cupcakes probably won’t be making their way to display windows any time soon, you now know that pimple-popping cupcakes exist, and you can special order them through Blessed by Baking. 

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