The Actor Who Plays Hot Pie Has Opened His Own ‘Game of Thrones’ Bakery

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Deliveroo)

Playing a role on Game of Thrones, even a minor one, essentially means you’ll be set for life.

There will always be fans eager to pay for your autograph at conventions and events, so while not everyone might have the clout of say, Kit Harrington, if an actor is happy to play ball, they can get by on Game of Thrones fame for a very long time.

Then there’s the ones who lean really, really heavily into their character’s notoriety. Such is the case with Ben Hawkey, who played Hot Pit in a brief role in season four of the show, before disappearing forever to become a baker – but not before giving Arya Stark a little loaf of bread that’s shaped like a Direwolf.

Now, just in time for season seven of the show, Hawkey has launched his own bakery, which is genuinely called You Know Nothing John Dough. Naturally, the bakery serves little Direwolf-shaped baked goods, which come with a hint of orange zest for extra flavor.

Hot Pie Bakery
Source: Deliveroo

Sadly, the bakery, which is based in London, only serves a very small geographical area, but the good news is that for those who happen to be in Britain’s busiest city for the period that Game of Thrones season seven is airing, the wolfy bread will be delivered right to your door.

You Know Nothing John Dough lacks a physical brick-and-mortar store right this second, selling instead directly through the UK food delivery service Deliveroo, but at £1 (around $80) a Direwolf, this certainly seems like a worthwhile snack for anyone looking to watch Game of Thrones with a very appropriate snack that comes endorsed by a guy who was on the show once in a minor bit-role.

The bakery is currently not accepting any orders, likely because demand has been far higher than anyone could have anticipated.

It just goes to show just how far a gig with Game of Thrones can take you, so long as you can find a themed product based on your character to sell to fans of the show.

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