How to Make Ross Geller’s Famed Post-Thanksgiving ‘Moist Maker’ Sandwich From ‘Friends’

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Friends / NBC.)

Thanks to Netflix, we don't have to explain to the next generation of TV watchers why we break into a chuckling fit any time a tailor gets to our inseam, or we notice an interesting-smelling feline, or someone over-layers clothing. Because the streaming service brought Friends to the new masses at the start of 2015.

Now, teens and tweens are learning all over again of the confident yet mindless charm of Joey Tribbiani and the hilarious unpredictability of a once-homeless Phoebe Buffay.

But for you Friends heads who want to take your fandom to the next level in your current post-Thanksgiving malaise, YouTube series Binging with Babish has the perfect how-to video for you.

In the ninth episode of Friends' fifth season, Ross Geller convinces his workmates that he's a violent, revenge-seeking maniac after a coworker steals the Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich his sister Monica made for him.

But because Monica is a professional chef and most of us are mere food mortals eager to stuff our faces with gluttonous goodness, hers is a post-Thanksgiving sandwich several steps beyond ours thanks to a secret ingredient: a middle layer consisting of a gravy-soaked third slice of bread, which Ross affectionely dubs "the Moist Maker."

Hopefully you've still got the necessary leftover ingredients to cobble this masterpiece together. Thankfully, if you don't, Andrew Rea starts at the very beginning to school you on how to make the best sandwich-ready versions of the needed parts.


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