How to Make Trader Joe’s Awesome Balela Salad

Ross Gardiner
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For us, Whole Foods is like a strip club: we can look, but we can't touch. Thus Trader Joe's is a Mecca for we health conscious individuals on a somewhat-stringent budget. There we can stock up on cheap flax, Stevia, gluten-free frozen pizzas and anything else your average supermarket doesn't bother stocking.

But one of the particular joys of Trader Joe's is the fantastic selection of wraps, salads and sushi boxes you can get on the go. And perhaps the king of the mini-feast boxes is their balela salad.



Balela is a middle eastern chickpea (garbanzo bean) salad drizzled with an oily, spiced vinaigrette. It's extremely filling, very healthy (vegan) and extremely cheap to throw together. You can put together a huge box of this stuff for about $12. Add a bit of bread to dip you're looking at a pretty solid meal my friend!



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