How to Pour Champagne “Properly”

Ross Gardiner
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We’re very fond of encouraging you to break the rules in wine. We’re sick of being made to feel like we’re constantly making mistakes, pronouncing it wrong, or offending the French in some way or another. Wine is a minefield of rules and reasons, and we feel that it’s part of our generation’s duty to question the rules and wonder “Why?” The pitfall of this is that you often find yourself coming upon the answer: “Because.”

Champagne is a drink that brings with it a certain amount of prestige and tradition. It’s a ceremonious drink, convinced opened “correctly” with a faint ‘tssst’, or ripped opened euphorically with a pop and a spray. And for some, part of that ceremony means adhering to time honored rules and rituals.

There is a “correct” way to pour champagne, and it requires a good bit more composure than the old bog standard ’tilt it on its side and slide it on in there’ technique of old. You need to very gently dribble the champagne into the glass from directly above, as illustrated below.

The reality of this however, is that it has been scientifically proven to be better if you pour champagne more like beer, i.e. tilting the glass at an angle and pouring directly onto the side. This has been found to preserve a higher amount of CO2 in the champagne than the way noted above. But this isn’t the “correct” way to pour champagne.

So there you have it! You have the “right” way which is actually “wrong”, and the “wrong” way which is actually “right”. That’s wine for you!

Make your own mind up on this one folks, but we know which direction we’re leaving in…

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