Husband Forgets Sandwich, Wife Delivers With Epic Toss Into the Car From Her Window

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Youtube.)

If you've never heard of Dude Perfect, it's a band of dudes who somehow parlayed a series of videos in which they (ever so patiently) sink trick shots with nothing but a basketball, a basketball hoop, and usually a great distance between the two into an actual career.

Like this:

Eventually, they graduated past basketballs, utilizing everything from ping pong balls, to Nerf guns, to actor Paul Rudd.

Well I think we've found their newest member: This wife, whose husband forgot to bring his lunch with him on his way out of the apartment.

No matter, because his wife is an expert markswoman.

Perhaps most impressively, she doesn't seem all that surprised that her sandwich toss landed perfectly in the front seat.

Come to think of it, after a shot like that with I'm presuming no practice shots, Dude Perfect might be below her.

But I hear the Cleveland Browns could use a new quarterback.