I Love McDonald’s, But These Mozzarella Sticks Look Absolutely Disgusting

Danelle Sandoval
(Photo: McDonald's)

There are some really great items from McDonald’s, but forgive me, this is not one of them.

First they started with All Day Breakfast, and now they’re introducing three-for-$1 mozzarella sticks. Can someone please tell me what’s going on with Mickey D’s ATM? While I am certainly on team #AllDayBreakfast, there’s something about these mozzarella sticks that I cannot quite consume mentally or physically.

As a cheese lover and mozzarella enthusiast, I’m outright grossed out by the fact that I’m being served fried cheese sticks for a dollar in a cardboard carton. Call me a snob, but I’m sorry, do not MESS with my zeal for good mozzarella cheese. No decent fried stick of gooey goodness should cost only 33 cents a piece.

I mean, if anything, I’ll try the sweet potato fries if I MUST, but I just CAN’T with the cheese:




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As a part of McDonalds’ initiative to increase revenue, they’ve taken into consideration menu items from other regions. Hence these mozzarella sticks, which are called cheese bites in the UK. TBH, theirs look much better and at least they admit that they’re just cheese bites.



While the rest of the Internet may be freaking out over the newly added item, some people (like me) aren’t so persuaded:

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The President of McDonald’s USA, Mike Andres, gives us an explanation. Please, Mike, give me a reason why THIS would happen.

At an investor meeting on Tuesday, he explained, “While we know the vast majority of our growth will come from national initiatives, regional empowerment has given our local markets the power to plus up the national plan, drive incremental sales and profit, and provide a pipeline of new ideas for the system.”

OK fine, apparently their sales in the U.S. have increased from the last two years:


Steve Easterbrook, McDonald's CEO explained, “While still in the early stages, we believe our turnaround plan is starting to generate the change needed to reposition McDonald’s as a modern, progressive burger company.”

I’m all for this turnaround plan, but can we please leave these sticks out of it?

I mean, I really really do love you McDonald’s, and I pretty much can’t live without your French fries. But I won’t budge on these mozzarella sticks. I simply won’t. Still appreciate you though.    

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