This Ice Cream Burrito Is Made of Every Sweet Thing You Love

Matthew Loffhagen
Foodbeast/Sugar Sugar
(Photo: Foodbeast/Sugar Sugar)

Do you know what your life is missing? A burrito made out of ice cream.

Yup, that’s certainly something worth munching on, right? But it gets better – this particular burrito is filled with ice cream, sure, but its outside? Instead of a flour or even corn tortilla, the ice cream burrito is wrapped up in delicious, colorful cotton candy.

That’s right, it’s your childhood dream come true at last.

The only real downside is that it’s currently only available in a small dessert shop in Ontario, Canada. Sugar Sugar sells a variety of sweet treats, but none are making more headlines than the cotton candy ice cream burrito. A recent video from Foodbeast shows just how gorgeous the whole thing is.

This isn’t flaky, fluffy cotton candy that’ll dissolve on touch – it’s flattened into a sturdy outer shell for scoops of ice cream that go inside – typical flavors include birthday cake, bubblegum, and even cotton candy ice cream, to really double down on the taste experience.

Then, because it’s 2017, some sparkly unicorn dust is sprinkled in, before the whole thing is wrapped up as if it were a regular burrito.

If your mouth isn’t watering by this point, you’re not human.

If you’re not already half way through booking a flight to Ontario, you presumably have a pretty good stash of cotton candy somewhere yourself and have plans to roll your own ice cream burrito.

Or, presumably you’re just dead inside. That’s the only acceptable reason for not being excited by this amazing frozen extravaganza!

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