This Ice Cream Shop Has a Petrifying Dessert Made With Hair


(Photo: Facebook / REMICONE.SHOP)

While food mixed with hair usually sounds like a recipe for disaster, an ice cream shop in South Korea has done just that—and it comes complete with googly eyeballs!

Remicone is responsible for creating a dessert so creepy, it’s almost cute. The two versions of ice cream are called the Thunder Mon and Salon Bomb and they include cups of soft serve topped with a beehive of “hair” made from cotton candy. To make things even less appetizing, the dessert also has a pair of edible eyes and an electrifying yellow thunderbolt.


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According to Foodbeast, “The creations seem to play off of one of [Remicone’s] more popular creations, the Thunderbomb, which has mint gray cotton candy piled high over vanilla ice cream decorated with a small thunderbolt. Apparently the cotton candy has pop rocks inside to give it a ‘thunder’ crackle as you enjoy the treat.”

Despite having toppings inspired by human DNA, the dessert parlor’s new creations have gone viral with curious patrons Instagramming the treat. The Salon Bomb looks similar to the Thunder Mon except it comes served on a tray with a glass bottle of coffee, hazelnut praline topping and no strange eyeballs.

While Remicone is known for serving unique desserts, it’s unknown whether the Thunder Mon and Salon Bomb will become a menu staple. If they had only called the treat “Cotton Candy Ice Cream” it would probably appear a lot more appetizing!