The Incredibly Easy Way to Make a Pizza-Wrapped Cheeseburger

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Youtube.)

A month and a half ago, noted fast food mad scientist Tym Bussanich showed us the tastiest, simplest way to inhale two of America's favorite unhealthy dinners at once when he merged pizzas from Papa Murphy's with McDonald's cheeseburgers for a stoner-stoppingly good burger-stuffed pizza.

Now, just as our guts are recovering from Thanksgiving, J.P. of Hellthy Junk Food shows us how to make a much more manageable—but equally delicious—version of the cheseburger-stuffed pizza. And unlike Bussanich's creation, it can be done entirely from scratch (so long as "scratch" includes a free supply of premade dough, that is).

After discovering a new device to cook bacon, J.P. infuses a hunk of burger meat with bacon bits before forming his wad into the shape of a pizza slice. He cooks his pizza-shaped patty, then places it in the center of the dough before applying the desired toppings: Kraft singles ("don't hate," he warns), more bacon, pickles, ketchup, and mustard.

Then he swaddles his meaty baby up in the blanket of dough, and drops it in the oven. After cooking it until it's golden brown and looking like "a giant Hot Pocket," J.P. is still not done—he treats what he has so far as just the crust for his Franken-pizza, coating it with marinara sauce and cheese before covering it with pepperoni. Back into the oven it goes.

The result? A layered, lip-and-tongue-tempting masterpiece that he feels an incredible need to share.

Or, as his significant other and partner in cooking crime Julia puts it: "This is a heart attack waiting to happen, J.P."