The Incredibly Easy Way to Make Your Own Grilled Cheese-Stuffed Pizza Crust

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: YouTube / HellthyJunkFood)

We've already seen a guy stuff his pizza with McDonald's cheeseburgers.

But what if you're in that cross section of munchies-craving stoner that also happens to be a vegetarian? Or if you're not so eager to fork over hard-earned money to a massive conglomerate like Mickey D's?

If so, the geniuses that are HellthyJunkFood have just the creation for you: grilled cheese-stuffed pizza crust … pizza.

In the wake of Pizza Hut's new grilled cheese-stuffed pizza crust, this team took the concoction a step further, filling not just the outer crust with cheese but the rest of the crust under the rest of the pizza—yes, that means double layers of cheese in every bite—as well.

"Cheese in the crust is so 1995… we need to 2016 this bitch with cheese stuffed into the entire pizza," they wrote on YouTube. "When I think grilled cheese, I think America. So come on our journey as we stuff America into every crevice of this pizza. If we're not careful we might become advertiser unfriendly!"