This Insane Grilled Cheese is a Rainbow in Sandwich Form

Tina Rivera
(Photo: Instagram)

A grilled cheese in and of itself is enough to satisfy any craving. From its warm, toasty bread slathered in butter to copious amounts of melted cheddar, you might be wondering how a sandwich could get any better. Well, newsflash: it can!

A new grilled cheese sandwich has hit the food scene and while it may just look like a rainbow, unfortunately it isn’t laced with a bag of Skittles. Thanks to the brilliance of Kala Toast in Hong Kong, you can now taste the colorful, unicorn-inspired sandwich that is highly reminiscent of your sister’s Lisa Frank sticker collection from elementary school (you know exactly what we’re talking about.)



For the price of $5 and perhaps a plane ticket to Asia, you can get your hands on a rainbow grilled cheese that includes four neon colors, each representing a different flavor. Blue is lavender, green is basil, red is tomato, and the natural yellow is obviously a combination of four cheeses: mozzarella, cheddar, emmental and gruyere.

According to a review by @hkfoodiexblogger on Instagram, the cheesy new sandwich includes subtle lavender and tomato flavors, with basil being the most outstanding. While the sandwich may not have exceeded all of her expectations, the food blogger makes no mistake that Kala Toast’s rainbow creation is highly photogenic — and worthy of the hashtag #foodporn



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