Intense Blacksmith Makes the ‘Fast Food Knife’ With Bacon, Fries, and Beer

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Youtube.)

Blacksmith Steve Calvert does badass, knife-related things on the Green Beetle YouTube channel, like make a knife out of a bridge or forge a pickaxe into a meat cleaver.

For his latest project, which he calls the "Fast Food Knife" or the "'Murica Knife," he utilized bacon, French fries, beer, and—something needed after a trip to a fast-food joint—Tums.

The antacid is a source of carbon that he used to carburize iron—turning it into steel by baking the Tums and iron together at 1,900 °F—for his knife.

After roasting his hammered blade, Calvert cooled it briefly in a pitcher of Budweiser before transfering it to oil to prevent it from warping.

Green BeetleThen it was time to create the handle, encasing a strip of bacon and a French fry in resin.

"Nothing belongs in an American fast-food knife more than bacon—except for French fries, and we have those too," he says in the video below. "The goal is to solidify each of those in a clear resin for out handle scales, but in America we only accept stinky, sick greasy food in our diet, and not so much in our knife handles. So we're going to pull the oil out of our bacon and fries by soaking them in an acetone bath for a few hours. Then we'll stabilize them in [a] vacuum chamber with cactus juice stabilizing resin."

After a few weeks of trial and error to work air bubbles out of the handle, he then affixed it to the blade for a beauty of a knife that cuts both paper and fast food.


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