The Internet Is Furious About This Easter-Themed Pizza Topping

Matthew Loffhagen
(Photo: Twitter)

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Easter, and all of the best ones involve candy. Between all the chocolate eggs and other seasonal treats we’ve been blessed with this year, there’s never been quite such a sugary Easter, with quite such a wide variety of tasty delicious snacks.

But what if you want something out of the ordinary? Something which combines your love of sweet things with your desire for hot, cheesy pizza?

There’s only one solution: the Peep-topped pizza.



Sadly, though, while Austin Braun is very pleased with his “Peepza”, other commenters have been a little less enthusiastic about this combination of Peeps and Italian pies.



Oh well. While the Peepza isn’t winning any fans online, at least Austin Braun is enjoying it. Who knows? Maybe this pizza will find willing consumers out there eventually, and the world will become an even more interesting place.

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