Italian Homeless Prefer Death Over Vegan Cuisine

Alex Pompliano
(Photo: OBSEV)

Wow, I feel really guilty shaking my head at homeless people but this story leaves me no choice. (Feel free to roast me in the comments while I check my privilege.)

Famous Italian chef Simone Salvini was invited to whip up a tasty meal at a soup kitchen in Bologna. Salvini is best known for his plant-based cuisine, meaning he’s praised for updating classic Italian dishes with all-vegan recipes. So he was asked by the monks who run the Antoniano soup kitchen (I’m not making this up) to make a healthier version of the city’s most famous dinner: Tagliatelle al Ragu. Basically, it’s wide pasta noodles with a tomato-meat sauce.


But apparently the gourmet vegan dish wasn’t up to the homeless diners’ standards. In other words, the meal didn't include decaying animal flesh. 

“Some told me that they need to eat meat, and would return to the streets [if they were fed vegan food],” Salvini said. “My staff and I are trying to cook, as best as we can, a range of healthy, organic food and vegetables.”


Damn, that’s harsh. However, despite the negative reaction, Salvini remains confident in his cuisine.

“I welcome the criticism,” he said. “But not everyone complained last week, some guests shook my hand. It was very satisfying.”





And the criticism hasn’t deterred him from supporting the homeless. Salvini is combining powers with Michelin-starred chef Massimo Bottura for another special dinner catering especially to recent refugees and the homeless on May 9. Hope the diners are more accepting this time around, because the menu is also vegan AF. Some choice dishes include vegetarian meatballs and bean sausages.


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