Japanese Burger Restaurant Finds the Perfect Alternative to Bread Buns

Matthew Loffhagen
Mos Burger
(Photo: Mos Burger)

Recently, boring old bread bun burgers are going out of fashion slightly.

Sure, there’s still plenty of these traditional beefy sandwiches around, but they’re nowhere near as cool as, say, ramen burgers, rice bun burgers, bagel burgers, donut burgers, or any number of other, alternative means of constructing a beef patty meal worth eating.

Now, though, a restaurant in Japan (because, of course, Japan) has found the ultimate thing to replace the humble bun – a pair of additional beef patties.

Yes, that’s right, the Niku Niku Niku Burger from Mos Burger in Japan is made up of various layers of meat on top of each other, without any bread whatsoever, with each layer of meat separated by a crispy lettuce leaf.

In between the two beef patties that make up the outside of the burger is some teriyaki chicken and delicious yakiniku beef. The burger’s assembly goes, from top to bottom, beef patty, lettuce, chicken, lettuce, yakiniku beef, lettuce, beef patty.

Sure, this burger isn’t going to win any awards for structural cohesion, and eating one will get your fingers greasy, but it’s hard to argue with what is essentially a carefully constructed pile of meats.

To really give up all pretense of actual burger here, go ahead and order one without lettuce. Consider it a dare.

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