Japanese Treat So Sweet You Literally Might Die


(Photo: mochi kills)

They say sugar kills, but in this case mochi kills. The traditional Japanese dessert, mochi, has already killed two people this year, and has left several others in critical condition. 

Mochi is loved by nearly everyone, and it is a sweet dessert with an interesting texture. It is actually made from rice! These sweet buns start out as steamed rice, and then the rice is eventually pounded and mashed into the sticky substance we eat. 

Since they are so dense there is a serious chocking hazard that comes with eating them. The buns aren’t small (much larger than mochi ice cream you find at the grocery store), so they need to be chewed thoroughly. The buns are actually not recommended for the elderly or young children since it’s so difficult for them to eat. Mochi kills often around the new year since it is one of the most traditional foods to eat on NYE.

Officials say that if you can’t chew thoroughly then at the very least cut your mochi up into smaller bites. Yes, literally eat your mochi bun with a fork and knife. It may seem silly, but every year at least one person dies from a mochi  bun death. In 2014 alone mochi claimed NINE lives!

We get it, dessert is delicious and you want to shove the whole thing in your mouth sometimes. But, if you’re not up for the chore of chewing mochi properly maybe just stick to Jello!