Japanese Restaurant Refuses to Serve Customers Who Wear Baggy Pants & Smell Like Weed

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

Bad news for hungry stoners who love Japanese food: a restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina is making headlines for refusing to serve customers who wear baggy pants and smell like weed.

The awkward message comes in the form of a large sign posted on the door of Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar, a hibachi-style family restaurant, which has apparently had one too many unpleasant run-ins with pot smokers in the past.

The sign, which was tweeted by a local Charlotte news reporter, reads, “Take your hoodie down. Pull your pants up. Get off your cell phone. Marijuana smell not allowed.” According to restaurant owner Martin Tanaka, the sign has been up for at least three years, but customers are only now taking notice because he recently made the sign bigger and in color.

“Our regular customers are families, and we count on a lot of small children to come to this restaurant. I believe our society is lacking on respect, and I think we’re falling behind on it,” Tanaka wistfully told WSOC.

While some say the sign could be targeting a certain race, Tanaka insists he’s turned away people of all colors for reeking of weed and dressing inappropriately. Tanaka claims that for the most part, his sign has been well received, with many amused customers snapping photos of it on a daily basis. 

For those who have broken the rules once, Tanaka says he is willing to give them another chance. However, if they come in smelling like marijuana again, he will kindly ask them to skedaddle.