A Japanese Tea House Has Introduced Gold Leaf-Covered Ice Cream

Matthew Loffhagen
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Here’s a question – how do you improve upon ice cream?

After all, it’s ice cream. It’s already worth its weight in gold.

In an effort to make this delicious frozen treat all the more incredible, a tea house in Japan has begun serving matcha green tea flavored gelato, which comes dipped in genuine pure gold leaf.

Oyaizu Seicha produce a range of tea flavored ice creams, but their newest product, the Gold-leaf Matcha, is drawing a lot of attention online thanks to its unique ingredient. Consuming gold is perfectly safe, and while it doesn’t necessarily add to the flavor of the ice cream, it doesn’t get in the way of it either, so eager visitors to Kyoto have been happy to try the new treat for themselves.

Source: RocketNews24

The frozen dessert is a little pricey, costing 900 yen (around $8), but in all fairness, if you’re getting your ice cream dipped in gold, you should probably expect to have to pay a premium for the privilege.

While this new chilly golden green tea treat might not necessarily be an improvement upon the wondrous majesty of standard ice cream, it does at least provide a fun new take on a classic summer snack, and that’s great news for fans of ice cream, green tea, and literally eating gold.

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