Japan’s New Sushi Kit Kats Are a Thing of Beauty

Matthew Loffhagen
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You might think that Kit Kats are great. You might assume that nobody in the world loves chocolately wafers quite as much as do in the West (especially for those running an ancient version of Android on their smartphone).

You’d be wrong.

The true Kit Kat lover’s crown goes to Japan, a country which has made bizarre flavors of the delicious treat a national pastime.

Japan’s stores boast a variety of bizarre Kit Kat flavors – everything from green tea to curry flavor, and the nation is now welcoming three brand new delicious fishy versions of their favorite chocolate.

The Chocolatory in Ginza, Tokyo, has debuted a set of limited edition Kit Kats which are styled to look like classic sushi dishes.

Source: Chocolatory

Before you get too grossed out, though, bear in mind that these only resemble raw fish and rice – in fact, they’re made of chocolate, although there are a few weird flavors in the mix. This is Japan, after all.

The pink “tuna” sushi is in fact raspberry flavored white chocolate, while other flavors include melon mascarpone cheese and pumpkin pudding flavor.

These sushi rolls also make use of rice crispy treats in place of rice, to make sure these are definitely sweet treats.

Source: Chocolatory

The special pack aren’t available for mass consumption, nor are they sold individually – instead, the first 500 people to spend over 3,000 yen (around $30) in the Chocolatory will be given these sets as a complimentary bonus.

That said, it likely won’t be long before some the sets end up for sale online at Yahoo Auctions, because that’s just how people roll in the internet era.

We’ll have to wait and see what their street value comes in at, or risk missing out on this delicious limited edition Kit Kat sushi set forever.

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