KFC Makes Pizza That Replaces Dough With Fried Chicken

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Twitter.)

As far as fast-food restaurants go, KFC was an early adapter of the replace-starches-with-fried-chicken fad.

In addition to teaching children that their animal-fat-coated dreams can truly become reality and likely inducing its fair share of gastric bypasses, KFC's Double Down—a bacon sandwich that substitutes fried chicken for bread slices—made way for such creations as Taco Bell's taco shells and tortilla chips made of … you guessed it, fried chicken.

Now, KFC has done it again. And they've set their sights on another worldwide favorite: pizza.

What they're calling a "Chizza" has already existed in Hong Kong and the Philippines for over a year and a half …


emerged #Chizza is the new bae 

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… but the version that was recently unveiled in Singapore looks more like what Americans are used to. Atop the fried chicken crust, the Chizza features California tomatoes, something called "chicken ham," pineapple, mozzarella, and cheese sauce. Appropriately enough for lovers of fried chicken, it's shaped like a heart.

Add this to the rather extensive list of international fast-food items that need to arrive in the United States, stat.