KFC Now Serving Organs: Man Finds Lung in Piece of Chicken

Olivia Jakiel
(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

We've heard stories of people finding weird and gross things in their fast food. There was the time someone found a lizard head in their McDonald's salad, and the time someone found a FINGER in their chili at Wendy's. (Even though we found out the woman put it there, where did she get a g*ddamn finger from?)

And remember just a few months ago, when a KFC customer claimed that the fast food establishment had served them a fried rat, even though it turned out to be a piece of chicken that just resembled a rodent? Well, this time, the KFC gross factor is real. An Australian man ordered a three-piece box of chicken at his local KFC, and as he bit into one of the pieces, he was not greeted with the warm and crispy goodness that is the Colonel's fried chicken, but rather the brain-like texture of, well, a lung.


The man told The Daily Mail, "It was disgusting. It was absolutely vile." 

Well, yeah. 

A spokesperson for KFC said, "Most of the time, offal is removed in the preparation process, but occasionally it may remain." And although biting into a chicken lung might scar you for life, the good news is, there's no health risk or anything, so at least you can sleep soundly and rest assured that if something like this happens to you, you're not going to die or anything—just most likely vomit and forever boycott the Colonel. 

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