KFC’s New Fried Chicken Pizza Looks Absolutely Ridiculous

Malcolm Freberg
(Photo: Getty)


If fast food chains were your family members, Chick-fil-A is your caring, old-fashioned mother. McDonald's is an aunt that smells funny, Arby's is the cousin wearing leather and smoking cigarettes, and Taco Bell is an adorable three-legged dog.

To continue this brilliant metaphor, KFC is the drunk uncle that slurs his words and makes questionable fashion decisions. Which means the Chizza was completely predictable.



This gourmet dinner is a fried chicken base with pizza topping on top. Hence, Chizza. *sigh*

The announcement was accompanied by a series of equally clever tweets.



Americans drooling in their lumbar-approved chairs this morning (TGIF, amiright Bob?) are, as ever, going to be disappointed. This culinary masterpiece is first being tested in the Philippines, and will only spread to the rest of us if demand is high enough. Which means we need Manny Pacquiao to chow down.


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