Kit Kat Has Lost Its Mind With New Melon and Cheese Flavored Bars

Tina Rivera
(Photo: OBSEV / Kit Kat)

Out of all the possible flavor combinations in the world, Kit Kat Japan has finally done us dirty! Sure, the candy bar giant has surprised us with funky flavors like edamame soybean, wasabi, and red bean sandwich in the past, but its new “melon and cheese” flavored bars definitely take the cake for the weirdest mash up ever.


Formally known as “Hokkaido Melon with Mascarpone Cheese,” the new Kit Kat includes local melon from Hokkaido, a northern region of Japan, and a mascarpone cheese powder. Sandwiched between a couple wafers and covered in white chocolate, the limited edition bar kind of has us thinking the chocolate company has lost its damn mind.

Although the pairing of melon and cheese isn’t an entirely a new concept, we can’t envision a world where the product will go mainstream. The polarizing treat is currently only available at major international airports in Japan, where travelers who are passing through a terminal can take their chances on the compelling new chocolate bar.

The special edition Hokkaido Melon with Mascarpone Cheese Kit Kat comes in a miniature-sized box containing three pieces of the sugary snack. Three other airport-exclusive Kit Kats currently exist, and they include tamer flavors such as “Japanese Strawberry”, “Uji Matcha” and “Sakura Matcha." We'll probably stick to Green Tea. 

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