This Korean McDonald’s Ad for Churros Makes Zero Sense

Justin Caffier
(Photo: YouTube)

Watch the throne, Japan. There’s a new entry in the weird Asian ads arms race and it comes in the form of this Korean McDonald’s commercial for churros, of all things.

The ad opens with a swell of classical music and we see Korean Mozart, replete with powdered wig and (golden arches emblazoned) green crushed velvet tailcoat, open his eyes in excitement.

Korean lyrics accompany the tune and one can make out the untranslatable word “churro” peppered in a few times.

Meanwhile, our hero has begun a spirited display of orchestral conducting, waving a churro around in lieu of a baton. His musicians consist of two impotent violinists, both unable to play their instruments as their bows have been cruelly replaced with churros.

Mozart-ssi then takes a lascivious bite of churro, offered by a young woman who observes this with borderline-orgasmic delight.



Cinnamon sugar gently raining down on a macro of fluffy, hot churros.

Back to Korean Mozart, facing the camera, now conducting… us, the audience? McDonald’s patrons behind him wave their churros in the air like lighters at a concert, an uncouth action that would get one booted from any respectable classical music performance. A violinist slides his churro across the strings of his fiddle, the grease irreparably damaging the strings as sugar granules fall into the f-holes.

The prices and copy pop on screen before we cut back to Mozart, who waves his hand in front of the dollar menu spread before him, as if to say “Only a true plebian would be dissatisfied with the cornucopia of deliciousness I have laid before you.”


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