Kraft Mac and Cheese is Getting a Makeover

Malcolm Freberg
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Everytime you watch a red carpet event, you inevitably hear a commentator who, "…just loooooooves [insert female celebrity]'s natural look this evening!!!"

Turns out Kraft has been listening. The company just announced that its iconic Mac and Cheese is getting a makeover, turning away from its iconic orange coloring and instead using more natural color alternatives. Much like many a neon teenager who thought artificial tanning sprays looked sexy, Kraft has finally realized that, in this health conscious era, their food should look a little less flourescent.



They'll instead be using natural coloring agents, including paprika, annatto, and turmeric. They're dedicated, however, to keeping the taste as similar as possible to the original. "We've been working tirelessly to find the right recipe that our fans will love," says Triona Schmelter, V.P. of Marketing. 

Unfortunately, their far superior brand ambassador Vanilla Ice could not be reached for comment.

A sidebar to this story is the famed/notorious Food Babe, who two years ago started an online petition against Kraft's use of dyes. She garnered over 360,000 signatures, and declared victory Monday following the announcement — a cry which has been joyously repeated by her 'army', and sad shakes of heads from her detractors.


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