Krispy Kreme Is Risking Jail Time to Give You Free Doughnuts for Voting on Election Day


(Photo: Getty Images)

As if a blood-curdling hatred for one or both presidential candidates weren't enough to make you want your voice heard on election day, Krispy Kreme is swooping in to entice you to cast your ballot—or at least go out and buy a bunch of stickers.

And they're risking a healthy fine and possibly jail time to do it.

On November 8, Election Day, Krispy Kreme will give out a free doughnut to every customer adorned with an "I voted" sticker—not the standard glazed of previous promotions, either, but any doughnut of each voter's choosing.

Technically, though, this is crazy illegal. More specificaly, it's voter fraud.

According to U.S. Code 597:

Whoever makes or offers to make an expenditure to any person, either to vote or withhold his vote, or to vote for or against any candidate; and

Whoever solicits, accepts, or receives any such expenditure in consideration of his vote or the withholding of his vote—

Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if the violation was willful, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than two years, or both.

Luckily, Krispy Kreme's deliciousness is one of the few things American's on both sides of the political aisle can agree on. Seeing as the promotion isn't encouraging one brand of voter more than the other, they should be safe from the feds, though technically what they're doing is very much against the law. 

So on Tuesday, make sure to get your hands on a ballot and then cover those hands in flaky, doughnutty sprumptiousness.

That is, unless you live in one of these unlucky areas. Now that's un-American.