YouTubers Create Mesmerizing Stop-Motion Legos Animation Of Breakfast Being Made

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: YouTube)

You can do just about anything with Legos. Like spoil a Star Wars movie, remake the best reality show on television right now, or find out just how drunk your friends are.

And as YouTube channel BrickBrosProductions shows us, you can also use the world’s most fun baby-choking hazard to tell stories in moving pictures, using the (incredibly time-consuming) magic of stop-motion animation.

On July 21, 2017, the team posted a stop-motion video of a faceless individual making breakfast—except all the foods are made entirely of Legos. The video is so entrancing, it already has more than 4 million views not four weeks after its debut.

Ask Ben Wyatt of Parks and Recreation fame just how long it takes to create anything of substance using stop-motion animation.

Or, you can ask BrickBrosProductions themselves.

“Thanks for the super positive comments!” they commented below the YouTube video. “We used 15 fps for this video, 1,500 frames were taken, and it took 3 whole days to shoot!”

They even made a video detailing how time-consuming such an endeavor is.

Check out the BrickBrosProductions YouTube page for more awesome stop-motion videos that feature Legos.

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