Let’s Go: Beer Fountain Coming to Slovenian Town


(Photo: OBSEV/Shutterstock)

Slovenia, that former Yugoslavian country that you probably haven't thought about since the last Summer Olympics, isn't exactly a must-go destination for us Westerners. That, however, might've just changed, as a small town has just authorized the installation of an approximately $400,000 USD beer fountain

The town of Žalec, which boasts under 5,000 residents, is making headlines with their fellow former Yugoslav neighbors for the project. But it's not exactly from left field, as the town sits in a region known as "the valley of green gold," due to the hop plantations that populate it. 

We're hoping it looks a little more impressive than the one that Liverpool tried to make. 

Of course, there are some killjoys. Opposition councillors are upset that the beer fountain is being made first when the town's water supply is in need of work. But those buzzing flies were shot down by two-thirds of the more forward-thinking members of the council. 

Like, seriously, look at their town crest. It is literally a hop plant. Beer carries a lot of water around here. 

Apparently there will be commemorative mugs that, with a full pour, will cost you about $6.75, which really ain't that bad at all. That's almost worth a plane ticket across the globe. If only they gave you some goggles to boot.