Look Out, Stomach: Shake Shack Is Offering Room Service Now

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Getty Images)

Have you ever fantasized about living above your favorite restaurant? Waking up and falling asleep to the smells, and often tastes, of the most appetizing meals you could possibly imagine?

Of course you have, you're a human with taste buds and everything. But because you're a human you also have a brain, and that brain quickly reminds you that if you were to live above that special pizza place or burger joint, your belt will end up paying the price.

So a compromise: Take a vacation and stay in a hotel above your favorite spot.

And if that spot happens to be New York-based burger merchants Shake Shack, you can have that experience plus another enormous added benefit on a stay in Chicago—because they're offering their delicious cheeseburgers and fries in room service form.

The Chicago Athletic Association hotel is the first on the planet to offer Shake Shack for room service, hopefully spawning a trend that will catch the world over. The chain's second ever location in Chicago—part of a worldwide expansion that includes franchises in Los Angeles and Seoul, South Korea—opened in the new hotel last year.

“Shake Shack has certainly become an iconic American brand and a cornerstone of our hotel, and we’re thrilled to extend the opportunity to enjoy Shack burgers to our guests without having to leave their room—or bed,” said Patrick Hatton, the hotel's general manager and a man that might have watched me eat before.

Shake Shack's Chicago venues offer Windy City-themed foods not found in other cities: the Publican Pork Sausage, with cheddar and American cheese sauce and ShackMeister Ale-marinated shallots; and the Shack-ago Dog, with relish, onion, tomato, cucumber, pickle, sport pepper, celery salt, and mustard.

A spokesman told Eater.com that as of right now there aren't plans to "launch this in other Shacks."

There's just one problem—the service is only available from 3 to 10:30 p.m., meaning the chain is missing out on copious amounts of munchies revenue, while probably saving some hungry partiers from too-big, yet satisfying, late-night meals.