Mac N’ Cheetos to Return to Burger King Later This Week

Matthew Loffhagen
Burger King
(Photo: Burger King)

It’s back.

Last year, Burger King delighted customers with the introduction of Mac N’ Cheetos; a delicious version of macaroni and cheese which is deep fried and covered in crunchy Cheeto flavoring.

These snacks were only available for a short time last year before they all sold out, and, having presumably solved their terrible macaroni shortage, Burger King is ready to bring these delicious snacks back to their menu.

Mac N’ Cheetos will be on sale at participating Burger King restaurants across the country from May 18. Five deep fried macaroni sticks will cost a mere $2.69, but considering the popularity of this dish the last time it was on sale, it’s worth erring on the side of caution and heading to your nearest Burger King early in the day if you want a chance to grab some of these for yourself.

Who knows how long these delicious, cheesy snacks will be around this time before Burger King steals them away from us yet again!

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