Madman Creates Giant Chicken Nugget Stuffed With More Chicken Nuggets

Bryan Brandom
(Photo: Youtube.)

My relationship with chicken nuggets is a lot like my golden retriever's relationship with just about anything he can swallow: If you leave an unlimited supply out, I'll probably keep eating until I die from an internal combustion.

Luckily, the geniuses over at Hellthy Junk Food—the same people who showed us how to re-create Domino's grilled cheese-stuffed pizza—have come up with the perfect response to any self-imposed "alright, one more nugget and then I'm done" proclamations: a giant chicken nugget.

And in the case of one of two competing chefs, a giant chicken nugget filled with even more chicken nuggets!

Foodies J.P. and Julia had themselves a good old-fashioned giant nugget off, with the former using a Wendy's-style batter (with McDonald's nuggets inside) and the latter going with a McDonald's outer layer.

Don't get too excited about the nugget-within-a-nugget concoction, though: J.P.'s Franken-nugget flops. But if you ever find yourself craving a massive single golden brown hunk of friend golden chicken a la McDonald's, follow Julia's instructions to create your own perfect, giant McNugget.