Man Drives 870 Miles to Get KFC for Wife, Proves True Love Exists

Olivia Jakiel
(Photo: OBSEV / Shutterstock)

When Zooey Deschanel’s character in (500) Days of Summer says, “There’s no such thing as love — it’s fantasy,” she clearly didn’t factor fried chicken into the equation because this couple from Canada just proved that statement to be completely false.

Mike and Angela Johnston, a couple who resides in Yellowknife, Canada, have a tradition with KFC that dates all the way back to their wedding day 15-years ago. The couple loves the fast food chain so much that they ate it at their wedding reception and does so every year to celebrate their anniversary.

However, when the closest KFC to Yellowknife shut down, the couple was devastated. Mike and one of his sons looked up the nearest location, which happened to be almost 450 miles away — and while most people would throw in the towel and say, “We’re going to Popeye’s instead,” Mike Johnston apparently isn’t one of those people.


The fried chicken-devotee drove 900 miles round trip to keep his wedding tradition alive. When he got to the location in High Level, employees were a little taken aback by his request. “When I ordered 15 buckets, they said: 'Uh, it might take a little while,'" he said. "I said, 'No problem,' so they cooked it up right away."

After adding up the cost of gas and food, Mike’s total came out to about $600. Was it worth it? “Every penny," he said. "We have to keep traditions alive. Fifteen years. Why stop now?"

And there you have it, folks. TRUE LOVE IS OUT THERE.