Man Loses Weight By Eating an Entire Domino’s Pizza Every Day for a Year

Matthew Loffhagen
Instagram/Brian Northrup
(Photo: Instagram/Brian Northrup)

When it comes to proving a point, eating pizza is certainly a good way to do it.

Over a year ago now, Brian Northrup of New Jersey set out to prove that a solid workout routine can work no matter what your diet is like by eating Domino’s pizza every day, and then exercising away the calories.

The result? 367 days after he started the experiment, Northrup weighs 5.9lb less than when he started, and looks a lot more lean and toned than you’d expect of a guy who’s eaten an entire cheesy pie every day for a year.

According to Northrup, his experience proves the naysayers wrong: you can exercise away a bad diet, it just takes effort.


#PIZZAPOCALYPSE THE FINAL PHYSIQUE: An ENTIRE @dominos pizza EVERY DAY for a leep year and a day (367 total) Recorded yesterday on day 367/367 The #PIZZAPOCALYPSE is complete. My final weigh in was 161.2 lbs. For comparison, my weigh in on day 1 was 167.1 lbs. I LOST 5.9 lbs eating an entire pizza every day for a year. In addition, I’ve increased my strength, speed, AND (most important to me) my cardiovascular endurance over the course of this endeavor. Also, I haven’t been sick for a single day of this experience, nor have I injured myself a single time. Still behind on editing the final videos, but very open to ideas on where to go next, both here and on my YouTube channel (just search my name if you’re not following me there yet but are interested). So PLEASE, hit me up with ideas. Eating challenges, Fitness videos, Reviews or Perspectives on anything Superhero/Comicbook/GoT/Fantasy related, videos on mindset, etc. Anyways, that’s it. Thank you SO MUCH to all you Pizza Lovers out there who have been with me on this quest of deliciousness! Mischief Managed.

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Current nutritional wisdom argues that exercise is of secondary importance to diet – that what food you put into your body will affect your health to such a degree that you can’t simply run off the negative effects of greasy, unhealthy foods.

Conventional science states that physical appearance is only one of the indicators of health that a fatty diet will affect – putting this much unhealthy food into your body this regularly will leave immediately invisible side effects that will cause a deterioration over time.

Northrup, though, argues that his experience proves that this isn’t the whole story. Not only is he leaner and meaner than ever after his pizza adventures, but he claims that his doctor has certified that he’s as healthy as ever:

“I did go see a doctor and had my blood tested for all the routine health markers such as both ‘good & bad’ cholesterol, fasted blood sugar levels, etc. and those tests came out showing healthy levels. Also obviously had my blood pressure checked, and that was well within the range of what is considered to be healthy. The doctor didn’t honestly say much when I told her what I was setting out to do. I assume she thought I was crazy, but she didn’t make any sort of attempt to deter me from attempting this.”

It’s hard to understand why Northrup would deliberately put his own health at risk just to prove a point, but what’s more, while he has eaten a lot of pizza, he hasn’t exactly made medical history.

After all, the body of scientific studies that argue in favor of a healthy diet over exercise are based on repeated, controlled experiments that are carefully conducted and replicated time and again to ensure correct data. These are generalizable for people of varying body types, metabolisms, ages, and levels of general health.

Northrup’s experience is in no way replicable – factors such as his age and personal genetic predisposition to health mean that he hasn’t successfully proven that, in the right circumstances, anyone can eat a pizza a day without suffering. All he’s proven is that Brian Northrup can eat a pizza a day, live in the gym, and get away with not immediately dropping dead of a heart attack.

Don’t rush out to order a bunch of pizzas for yourself just yet – conventional science maintains that you need to eat a healthy, balanced diet that doesn’t feature too much pizza, as well as getting heathy exercise.

Conventional science also accepts that some people are going to belligerently eat a pizza a day and work out like a mad dog to try and balance it out, purely for the sake of proving a point that they fail to adequately achieve, but that these people, are idiots.